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Through painting, I seek to find the Significant Form & Significant Space of my architecture.
Through painting, I foreshadow an architecture of Form & Story.

Architecture is the stage set for the drama of life.
Architecture is a story told through a building.

SELF-TAUGHT PAINTER JEF7REY HILDNER AKA HENRY TRUCKS draws on his inspiration as an architect to explore the theme of the rectangle, simultaneously aesthetic and symbolic. He invites viewers to explore the open-ended meaning of his semi-abstract pictures by seeing them as both maps and windows: panoramic landscapes you could either snapshot from an airplane or view from your porch looking toward the horizon. His paintings depict site plans and facades—open spaces and walls.

The Architect Painter presents not only a highly developed aesthetic language, which he applies to his buildings. Through his modern, asymmetric layering of lines and planes, positive figures and negative spaces, through devices of color, texture, or collage, he evokes the spirit of ancient myths, a symbolic dimension that also infuses his architecture. 

Trucks blends signature concepts—including Control and Soul, Jigsaw Design, Negative Cubism, and Empty Space / Full Space (The Architect Painter outlines all nine concepts in his book DAEDALUS 9). He explores what he calls the "Visual Chess Game of Move & Meaning"—the basis for an architecture of Form & Story that he has so far most fully realized in his award-winning project, 
Dante | Telescope House